I give trainings both at the national and international level since 2003. My favorite topics are youth trends, non-formal education and its quality, experiential education, training of trainers, presentation skills, project management and coaching. In the business environment, it’s also intercultural communication, leading of meetings, facilitation and persentation skills, one-to-one meetings or team development.

Partnership approach with participants, diversity of activities and interaction are the key features of all the trainings I give. I always put emphasis on practical part of the training as for me it is essential that participants can transfer and apply what they have learned into their work and personal lives.

I mostly cooperate within non-profit sector with organisations YouthWatch, PLUSKO, Živica, V.I.A.C. and ANEV.  In the field of corporate trainings I  delivered trainings for teams from IBM, ITERA, Penta Investments, Lidl, NN insurance company, Enel Slovenské elektrárne or Semmelrock Stein.

In 2017, two new topics has been included to the list of my activities. Training teachers e.g. workshops in EduPoints or Komenského inštitút, but also in bringing non-formal education into schools. By establishing the cooperation with Belgian youth trend agency TrendwolvesI’ve got closer to the topic of trends among young people. Today, I often deal with this topic on workshops or at conferences as a speaker. With YouthWatch, we have also made a publication about youth trends in Slovakia (available only in Slovak) and we are working on next one.

I also work as a facilitator on international conferences (e.g. within the Dutch, Slovak and Maltese presidency of the Council of the EU) or for organizations that need help with strategic planning, often combined with team coaching.

“Tomas is a person one can rely on – he not only offers expertise and professionalism but always pays careful attention to participants’ needs and their expectations and tailors the training in a way that every participant can make the most of it. After attending his trainings or lectures you will not only leave with new knowledge or skills but also with motivation for the further personal development.” Branislav Kožuch, V.I.A.C.

“With Tomas, we have a long-standing cooperation, he delivers for us trainings for companies on different soft-skills related topics. We value his professionalism, thorough preparation before the training, dynamics of his work as well as flexibility and creativity he shows when working with participants. We use his experience for the work with groups of young people who often require new trends and approaches as well as for more experienced participants who want to get deeper in proven practices and topics.” Peter Neuhybel, TIMAN



My focus is on coaching of individuals but I also enjoy team coaching (to this day, I’ve coached 300+ hours). I’m a holder of the ACC title (Associate Certified Coach) from ICF (International Coach Federation), the biggest world-wide association of professional coaches (see my profile). Currently, I’m a member of the board of ICF Slovak Chapter where I look for the ways how to use potential of coaching for support of positive changes in society. This is also how cooperation with Teach for Slovakia and Butterfly effect programmes developed where I’m involved as a coach too.

Development of coaching in the field of youth work and schools is another of my activities. I have trained several groups in both long-term and accredited training courses on how to use a coaching approach in work with young people or at school environment. Currently, I’m a guarantor of a training course accredited by the Ministry of Education for people working with youth about coaching as a specific method of accompanying young people. At the same time, both young people and those who work with them make part of my coaching clientele.

“Tomas is very professional in what he does as a coach. He has a good balance of being a professional and illustrating interest and care for the client. A very good job done.” Kaveh Mir Tahmasebi | MBA,MSc,FIoD

“During our coaching session, we don’t stay on the surface. Tomas knows how to ask the right questions at the right time and helps to get to the heart of the matter and thus better understand the present and make more realistic visions of the future.” Miloš Ondrášik, co-founder of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Slovakia


Since its foundation in 2002, I’ve been a volunteer and instructor of experiential learning programmes in youth organisation Plusko. Over the years, I had different roles in the organization: I was a member of the board (6 years), leader of a team of trainers (12 years) or guarantor of accredited training programme for new instructors.

Thanks to all these activites with Plusko, I’ve learned a lot about teamwork, experiential education or organisation development. Here I’ve also learned how the ideas can be transformed into long-term projects that work. And all that together with a group of people who are driven to improve themselves and work on their personal development.

Since 2011, I’ve been also active in the cradle of experiential education – Prázdninová škola Lipnice (PŠL) – Outward Bound Czech republic as a (head) instructor of Czechoslovak experiential courses for young people on the threshold of adulthood.

“I got to know Tomas better during PŠL instructor course in 2012 and during WifiCS courses for teenagers in 2013 and 2014 on which we worked together. It felt like we have known each other for years. We share the same values, attitudes towards life, approach to people… He definitely is a great instructor figure, an experiential educator who understood, accepted and develop the methods and principles of Prázdninová škola Lipnice. He combines the ability of thorough preparation, great motivation, enormous dedication with cultivated, witty and pleasant manner. At the same time, he carefully watches over the set development goals and thinks about their fulfilment the whole time. In Tomas’ case it literally applies, and I’m glad to say that: A student surpassed his teacher.” Radek Hanuš, Faculty of Physical Education, Palacký University Olomouc, long-time instructor of PŠL


Together with my former colleagues from IUVENTA – Slovak Youth Institute we have founded a civic association YouthWatch in which we focus on topics of development of youth policy, quality of youth work, development of youth engagement, innovations and current youth trends.

I also work as consultant for companies, which has activities focusing on young people (Microsoft, dm-drogerie markt, ZSE), for cities (Bratislava, Nitra) transforming their system of youth work or organisations developing their youth work quality system (V.I.A.C, CVČ Púchov).

With IUVENTA – Slovak Youth Institute we had a long-term cooperation, I worked on several projects from the ESF funded project KomPrax (competencies for practice) to creation of country strategy papers in the field of youth. For three consecutive terms, I was a president of the Accreditation Committee for the field of youth work. I was also a Slovak representative in the European Commission’s Expert Group on quality of youth work, I worked with Youth Department of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Slovak Republic on topics related to Slovak Presidency in the Council of the European Union and I was also a member of the teams preparing strategy papers in the field of youth at both EU and Council of Europe level.

“I deeply appreciated Tomas analytical capacity and his ability to contribute with new, both wider and deeper, perspectives to our discussions. By making his experience from Slovakia useful in a European context he made significant contributions to our common work” Jonas Agdur, chair of the European Comissions Expert Group on Youth Work Quality Systems