My publications

TRENDS in Lifestyle of Young People, J. Miháliková, A. Tomanová, T. Pešek, M. Hulín, YouthWatch, 2018, ISBN 978-80-973031-0-5 (Slovak language)

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Innovation in Youth Work, T. Pešek, 2017 (Slovak language)

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Publications on which I cooperated

Youth from Rural Areas in the Community - Analysis of youth policy in four Orava villages prepared RMŽK (Youth Council of Žilina region). 2017 (Slovak language)

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Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to member States on youth work – the first recommendation of Council of Europe in the field of youth work. I was a member of a “drafting group”. May 2017


Promoting new approaches in youth work to uncover and develop the potential of young people – Conclusions of the Council and of the Representatives of the Governments of the Member States from 21.11.2016. An EU-level political document created during the Slovak Presidency of the EU Council in the youth field. (Slovak language)

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Horná Orava Youth Report – together with my colleague Jana Miháliková we helped the team of non-profit organisation V.I.A.C. with preparing the report about youth in Horná Orava region. 2017 (Slovak language)

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Articles and blogs

Forest, loneliness and 3 days without food and water – Blog about “Vision quest” that I experienced as a part of preparation for the Transition course. Blog of PLUSKO, 2017 (Slovak language)


Expert material

Nonformal education in Slovakia – current situation and challenges, 2013, expert material for the Strategy of Slovak republic for Youth 2014 – 2020

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