“I help young people live better. They alone can make bright future for themselves. I'm a consultant, trainer, instructor & coach.”

Everybody has potential

And my role is to identify it and help with its development. I help to create the world in which every young person can develop their unique abilities. The educational system needs to change and I together with my colleagues are working on its improvement.



Education is not only about going to school

It should be better adapted to needs and abilites of every individual. That’s why I work on development of youth policy and recognition of non-formal education. As one of the experts in this field, I help to shape the development of non-formal education both at the national and European level. Look at my projects to find out more about my work.


I don’t want to change the world from behind the desk

Because that’s not the place where I can find out what the young generation really needs. That’s why I’m in touch with young people especially as a instructor of experiential education. I cooperate with the top-class Czech organization in the field of experiential learning −  Prázdninová škola Lipnice-Outward Bound Czech republic as well as with one of the leading organizations in this field in Slovakia − Plusko.

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